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Edema is when small blood vessels become “leaky” and release fluid into nearby tissues. That extra fluid can accumulate and cause nearby tissues to swell.

Water & Fluid retention is a medical condition caused by abnormal accumulation of water or fluids in the body’s tissues. Though excess water can be accumulated anywhere in the body, the most common areas are the ankles and legs. Since the ankle is a joint linking the foot to the upper leg, it has an extensive network of blood vessels running through it. When some of these vessels are constricted, blood flow is restricted in the leg and edema quickly results. Edema can have a wide range of causes but medical care should be sought immediately to both reduce current symptoms as well as potentially diagnose issues far more dangerous.

We bring years of accomplishments as a cardiovascular specialists as well as offer the newest minimally invasive endovascular procedures. We are the only physicians in the area trained to perform these minimally invasive endovascular procedures enabling us to provide the latest medical techniques for patients with heart and vascular diseases. We have performed more than 3,000 open heart surgeries and thousands of thoracic and vascular surgeries.

Your Edema Galion Treatment Specialist will help diagnose your situation, and if necessary, customize a treatment program that will get you back to wellness.

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