Dr. Zadeh offers micro-injection therapy for spider veins and smaller varicose veins, as well as TriVex for larger varicose veins. All of these procedures, which are minimally invasive, can be performed as outpatient with no discomfort or recovery time.

The TriVex system is a revolutionary new method for varicose vein removal. The procedure was developed as a method for the accurate and quick treatment of varicose veins through a minimal number of incisions.

Patients recover quickly and enjoy excellent cosmetic results. Although there is no 100% perfect varicose vein cure, this procedure minimizes the chances of persistent veins, thus highly reducing the need for follow-up treatments.

With over 30 years’ experience as a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Barry J. Zadeh is considered by many of his peers to be a world leader in the vein and vascular field.

Dr. Zadeh brings years of accomplishments as a vein and vascular surgeon, mastering the newest minimally-invasive endovascular procedures.  Dr. Zadeh has performed more than 3,000 open heart surgeries and thousands of thoracic and endovascular surgeries.

Endovascular surgery is a relatively new, less-invasive procedure for treating the two major problems that can develop in blood vessels: aneurysm and narrowing (also called an occlusion or stenosis).

Endovascular surgery treats the problem by using an easily accessible smaller blood vessel to advance a long plastic tube, called a catheter, to the aneurysm or narrowing. The surgeon is guided by X-ray imaging. Endovascular procedures do not require general anesthesia. “This type of surgery is much easier on the patient,” says Dr. Zadeh.

There are also a number of vein and artery solutions, such as the VNUS Closure, and Dr. Zadeh is one of the most experienced doctors in the country performing this procedure. This minimally-invasive procedure seals shut a damaged vein and, once the vein is closed, re-routes blood is to other healthy veins. It has become a useful alternative method for the treatment of varicose veins.





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