ClariVein® is a specialty catheter for the infusion of physician specified fluids. Used for multiple applications, this system includes a 360 degree rotating tip allowing for the well dispersed coverage of the vessel.  It does NOT require painful anesthesia and will not cause thermal agitation. It has shown less pain over regular procedures and a rapid return to normal activities.

The ClariVein®OC proprietary dual action system employs a rotating tip, which offers well-dispersed drug coverage of the targeted treatment area. Often referred to as MOCA (mechanical occlusion chemically assisted) this system offers many unique and proven benefits:

  • Non tumescent
  • Non thermal
  • Clinically Proven
  • Reduced Pain
  • Reduced Recovery Time
  • Reduced Procedure Time
  • Multiple injections are no longer needee
  •  Less bruising than any other procedure
  •  Results are visible almost immediately
  •  You can return to your activities the same day

ClariVein®OC is a specialty infusion catheter for the occlusion of incompetent veins in patients with superficial venous reflux.

ClariVein®OC is designed with a low profile for ease of entry and patient comfort to facilitate fast return to work and normal activities.

 The procedure typically takes very little time and creates minimal discomfort.
What Happens After the Procedure?

Follow your Doctor’s instructions for care after your procedure. In some cases rapid return to normal activities can be expected.

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