Patient Testimonials

“I feel like I got my life back!”


I’ve played competitive softball for 20 years, but I developed severe pain in my upper legs, making it very hard to walk.  It got to the point where I limped all the time.   I finally had to quit softball.


But then I met Dr. Barry.  When he did the procedure I could actually feel the blood flow to my feet and warm them.  It was very emotional for me.  It was immediate relief.


Now I feel I can walk or run anywhere.  This year I had to skip softball for the first time in 20 years , but now I am ready to go back.  I feel like I got my life back.


Ryan | Plymouth, OH



murl“Dr. Zadeh saved my life!”

I literally love Dr. Zadeh and his staff.   Before I met him, I couldn’t do anything.  I could not walk to my mailbox, because it was so hard to breathe and there was so much pain.  I even had to get rid of my dog because I couldn’t care for him.


But Dr. Barry and his staff cared for me and treated me like family.  After the procedure, I could walk three laps around the cemetery by my house.  It was amazing.  And when I see other doctors for other medical issues, I always go to Dr. Barry to get his opinion, and he always takes time to give me advice.  I trust him with everything.  Dr. Zadeh saved my life!


Now that I can walk again, I even got a new dog.  Thank you, Dr. Barry.


Murl | Galion, OH


teresa“Now I’m dancing with my grandkids again.”

I had so much leg pain.  I had many conversations with my primary care physician about the pain in my legs, but he was convinced it was mental.  When I finally went to another doctor, he said I should see a specialist.  That’s when I went to see Dr. Zadeh.


The Vein Center didn’t feel like a doctor’s office.  It was great – free coffee, refreshments and snacks.  Dr. Zadeh examined me and found out I had PAD (peripheral artery disease).  I was in my 40s, so I thought I was too young to have artery problems.


I was walking 9 miles a day, but I had to stop due to the pain.  It got so bad, I could not even climb my stairs without taking a break.  But a few days after the procedure, I walked 2 ½ miles without stopping.


Now I’m dancing with my grandkids again.  Dr. Zadeh gave me my life back.  I have no more pain and no longer take pain meds.


Thresea | Shelby, OH



“He treated me like a family member.”

I had severe pain in my legs, calves and feet and had to walk with a cane – sometimes two canes.  I had even developed leg ulcers from where I had bumped my legs into things.  I could not even put on normal shoes due to the pain and swelling.


When I met Dr. Barry, I felt like I was the only patient he had.  He took his time and treated me so personally.  He treated me like a family member.  Dr. Barry told me I was in good hands and he would take care of me.  He did.


I now have warmth and circulation in my feet, and I walk without pain and without a cane.  The attention he and his staff gave me brought new meaning to my life.  Now I can help others.  Before I felt useless because I couldn’t move much, but now I no longer feel useless.  It’s amazing.


Randy | Bucyrus, OH

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