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Looking for TIA treatment, Norwalk Vein & Vascular may be able to help diagnose, and when necessary, craft your customized TIA treatment program.

TIAs (transient ischemic attacks), or mini-strokes, produce similar symptoms of a stroke but last less than 24 hours, sometimes for just a few minutes. They are often warning signs that a stroke will occur, so it’s extremely important to seek medical attention to prevent the onset of a stroke.

Stroke Symptoms

Immediate medical attention is needed when you suspect a stroke is occurring. Act FAST

F Facial Drooping

A Arm Weakness

S Speech Difficulties

T Time Maters

Call 911 if you observe any of these additional symptoms in yourself or someone else:

  • Sudden difficulty in walking
  • Sudden dizziness and/or loss of balance or coordination
  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause

We bring years of accomplishments as a cardiovascular specialists as well as offer the newest minimally invasive endovascular procedures. We are the only physicians in the area trained to perform these minimally invasive endovascular procedures enabling us to provide the latest medical techniques for patients with heart and vascular diseases. We have performed more than 3,000 open heart surgeries and thousands of thoracic and vascular surgeries.

Your Specialist will help diagnose your TIA and if necessary, customize a TIA treatment program that will get you back to wellness.

Don’t suffer anymore!

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